What Does Neal Boortz Say About Gold Investing?

The Voice Of Reason On Investing: Neal Boortz

If you have heard the award winning author Neal Boortz on his nationally syndicated radio program, you have an idea about what he thinks.  Neal Boortz is a straight shooting, opinionated and outspoken critic on many financial issues facing investors in the United States.  Neal Boortz has a lot to say about gold investing too.  If you are looking for a clear and unfiltered word on gold investing, Neal Boortz´s advice should not be passed up.

Neal Boortz On Gold Investing

Neal Boortz is not a happy man when you are speaking in terms of the latest moves to build government in the United States and increase taxes.  More property taxes, more income taxes, and perhaps his most loathed tax increase: more taxes on investor´s profits in the stock market.  With so much spending by the Federal Government, there is only one direction for the U.S. Dollar in the eyes of Neal Boortz: down and out.  By spending more and more each quarter since the start of 2008, the U.S. Dollar is quickly loosing its worth and more importantly its confidence worldwide.  The solution, the real Neal Boortz advice to keep more of what is yours if there are indeed dark days ahead: gold investing and gold investing right now.

Neal Boortz: Why Gold

Gold is the way to protect your investments and guard against a potentially devastating looming inflation surge, according to Neal Boortz’s advice.  Gold is an internationally recognized and traded currency.  Unlike the U.S. Dollars flying out of the printing mills of the U.S. Treasury, gold cannot be meddled with or falsely inflated.  Gold investing has its value, says Neal Boortz, because there exists a finite amount of it.  Best of all the U.S. government has no say over the price of gold.  Gold investing and gold value are determined on the international level with no government input: a capitalist’s dream.  So follow Neal Boortz advice: get started investing more of your money in gold, and invest it in foreign, not domestic currency markets.

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