Are Gold Mines For Sale In New Mexico?

Gold Claims Are For Sale In New Mexico

Gold claims are available for sale in New Mexico.  Buying gold claims is not the same as buying a physical gold mine and owning the property.  Instead, you buy the mineral rights to the land, but you’re not purchasing the physical land, itself.  This gives you full access to the land specified in your claim for as long as the contract states, often as long as you fulfill annual filing requirements.  You can bring equipment onto the land, park a RV and do all the prospecting you want, because you buy full access to that land.  Pretty much, the only thing you can’t do is erect a stationary building on it.

Gold claims are only of benefit when the land for which you buy the mineral rights of has gold available for prospecting.  You can find gold claims for sale if you do a search on the Internet under gold claims or gold claims for sale.  Some are even auctioned off on eBay.  Whatever you do, make sure you thoroughly research any gold claims you consider buying before you invest.

Gold Mines For Sale In New Mexico

There are actually no gold mines for sale in New Mexico.  From information provided by the state’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM), there is only one known gold mine in the State of New Mexico.  It is called the Ortiz Mine Grant located in 30 miles northeast of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Those who own mines in the state primarily mine for copper.  Gold is sometimes a byproduct, but not the intended metal being mined.

In regards to gold mine sales, they are typically sold through a specialized land real estate company.  There are also websites that specialize in brokering the sale of gold mines.  If you want to buy a gold mine, you probably already know where it is located and which mine you want to purchase.  If not, and are interested in buying one, do a search on the Internet for gold mines for sale and you should find several about which to inquire.

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